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My bio: Eveline Horelle Dailey

Educated overseas, Eveline was mostly homeschooled. Her interests and studies took her to the humanities, philosophies and the arts. She studied and practiced commercial interior design in the United States. Eventually, Horelle Dailey found the value of words and began to write. Her readers find French influencing her poetic prose. Published in journals and magazines her books find their readership globally. She is a public speaker. Her memoirs speak to the heart of humanity. She exposes struggles that are left unspoken. Design and art bring structure to her compositions. When not writing, Eveline can be found reading, weaving or painting. A social activist, she teaches English to refugees. A Palliative care and 11th hour volunteer, she offers assistance to those she serves.

Eveline Now

Guiding Philosophies

It is evident as I grow older so do my philosophies.  I am now aware of forces unseen creating fields for me to follow.  I am a free spirited being.

The route I take is organized day by day and consents to the expression of who I become. This is the peculiar way my creativity and reveries are offered to the light.

Synchronicities guide my steps. Quantum and extraordinary encounters with masters from far and near continually trace the direction I travel.

I write not to influence my readers. I write to inspire them.

I weave to address liaisons between colors, textures and shape. Within this expression of art, I see the blending of humanity. I wear my one-of-a-kind woven piece.

I paint what my mind can see.

I consent to a full life surrounded by artists and masters.

Eveline Now

That which might have been Alabama 1963

This is not my first writing about John Henry Waddell’s sculpture installation called That Which Might Have Been. This time, I write as an individual who is continuously touched by, what might have been, what could have been, and also what is. I am writing here about a human condition.  Alabama being in the USA…
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The Numbers and Thirty Three Minors

The television screen was dark, and I knew all was right for the thirty-three miners rescued from the underworld of Chile after sixty-nine days. How curious: thirty-three, sixty-nine, perhaps nothing more than a series of threes. And yet how important were numbers for us? Aside from general accounting endeavors, I did not always pay attention…
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Dr. Gladys

Dr. Gladys T. McGarey, MD. MD (H) was born in India from American Missionary parents. Now at 97 she is a retired doctor of medicine, of holistic medicine, which she introduced to her patient, and organized medicine. She is a friend, a mentor and so much more. For decades now, she has been attempting to…
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