voituredone Select 82-451A Regulator Lift Window nouveau 10f91vaxz81245-Sports et loisirs

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Images are for representation purpose only. Actual product size and configuration available may differ from those shown. For specific size and model, please refer to the manufacturer website using MPN (manufacturer part number shown in description).-Cardone Select New Window Regulators are designed to maximize the value of your window lift motor. Replacing the window regulator will help to ensure the motor wear and burnout will be minimized. Original design failures and weaknesses that cause the motor to fail prematurely are identified and corrected to ensure long lasting performance. Cardone engineers use the latest in technology and innovation to create high value at a low cost, providing a quality product both you and your vehicle can rely on. - Stand alone window lift regulator, provides a more cost efficient solution to fixing your vehicle | O.E.M. design flaws are identified and corrected for long lasting performance | Meets or exceeds O.E.M. performance | Each unit is 100% new, providing reliable window lift operation | Guaranteed fit, form and function - DODGE DAKOTA 04-02/DURANGO 02 - NEW WINDOW LIFT REGULATOR884548035591

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