The Drum Made from the Skin of My Sisters

Takes the reader from Islamic Afghanistan and Iran to the United States where two girls who narrowly escaped death found freedom and education.
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The stories bring the power of the human spirit to the reader.  Horelle Dailey has become a voice for the women she calls her sisters.

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Inspired by truth, this novel tells the story of two young girls rescued by American soldiers and sent to the U.S., where they start new lives in the home of a young widow.

Truth inspired The Drum Made from the Skin of My Sisters. Some need their stories told but cannot raise their voices because their lives would be in danger. Based on true accounts and facts shared with her, Eveline Horelle Dailey has written the story of two young, Middle-Eastern girls rescued by American military forces. Leila, from Iran, narrowly escapes immolation by her husband. Saadia, born in Afghanistan, is nearly stoned to death. The girls are sent to the U.S.A., where they begin new lives in the home of a young widow, still recovered from the death of her beloved husband. With the terror of sexual, physical, and mental abuse removed from their lives, Leila and Saadia learn self-assurance, along with the language and customs of their new country.​ Told with poignancy and care, this story is a testament to the power of the human spirit to survive horrific deeds, as well as the power of love to create one family from what were once separate people in separate worlds.​

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