Lessons From the Lakeside

A journey Toward self-discovery.
Purchase Book Here

Purchase Book Here

The book is taken from a series of conversations that are life enhanced and based on many of the laws of the universe. The reader will become absorbed in the vast complexities of life created through the human rationale in comparison to the simplicity of nature’s enfoldment. The book was written to offer possible transformation to a world where society seems to have lost the strength of spiritual truth. The author writes about imaginary conversations with what she describes as her muse. The flights of the imagination and the conversations are filled with teachings based on the universal laws encompassing wisdom, reason and the struggles to achieve living in the moment. The story is an adventure intertwined with love and finding a new perspective aiding toward self-discovery, understanding what love with minimal judgment can be and finally discovering that a life can be lived filled with contentment and acceptance a moment at a time.

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