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The Drum Made from the Skin of My Sisters

Rose Winters

CEO The Foundation for Living Medicine

“Eveline Horelle Dailey has created a story of immense value, helping us to understand the plight of young women from distant and different cultures. The book is written in a personal and intimate way that goes far beyond describing the lives of two young girls from the Middle East. This author invites us to compare our lives with those of Saadia and Leila, as she intertwines the feelings of the widow from Maine who adopted them.  This story does not stop with despair but instead shows the power of the human spirit.  A must read.”

Ali Farahmand

Teheran, Iran

“Eveline Horelle Dailey beautifully describes her feeling about women from a segment of society that for 3,000 years brought human right, art, science and banking system to the world. Women who were proud, educated and free. The accomplishment and further advancements have been suppressed and replace by laws imposed by various extremist leaders and dictators. With kindness, global thinking and compassion, Eveline has become a voice of expression for the women she calls her sisters”

Lessons from the Lakeside

Catherine J Rourke

Editor and Publisher

“Lessons from the Lakeside  represents the new ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull” of the 21th century to usher in a new chapter of societal transformation in an era when people are starving for universal truth and solution.”

Mark Stafford

“The best most personal story of one’s own struggle to remain awake and present in touch with wisdom.”

The Canvas – A Secret from the Holocaust

Jashua Levi

Author – Holocaust Survivor from Yugoslavia

“The Canvas – A secret from the Holocaust is a novel of emotions, feelings and mystery.  One reads it with tension, expecting a tour the force ending that Eveline Horelle Dailey delivers.  With the horror of the Holocaust in the background, The Canvas is full of insights into a young girls growing up with memories of love and finding the answers to her roots.”

Dena Beth Jaffee

Program Manager for the Center for Senior Enrichment Through Jewish family and Children Services.

“I have read and reread the manuscript. I know that our meeting was orchestrated by the holocaust souls to implore upon you and me to keep their voices alive.

I found the story t be breath taking, hauntingly beautiful and frightening __ I am amazed at the research accuracy as well as acumen.  Your book is a must read as unfortunately there re persons who do not believe the Holocaust happened. Truth is stranger than fiction. You get right into the face of the readers.”

Jonathan R. Larkin

“I am completely drawn in to and engaged with this story from the very first scene. The descriptions of life as it was how hindsight creates a backdrop for action - taken or denied – keeps the reader involved with the mysteries that continue to unfold.  The story of the Holocaust and its impact is shared and educates the reader in different ways – from the long-term effect of victims to the possibilities of what could have been if events were different. It makes one wonder how many other stories out there to be told are vanishing every day.”