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CHARITY  is transformation.


Adele Seronde founder of Gardens for Humanity

In my life, opportunities for change come about in the most interesting way. Read about such an occasion that brought about radical changes and transformation.

A couple of dear friends once took me to a garden where a bunch of older people and young children from a couple of schools where planting some kind of a garden.  I looked at this scene, the red of the mountains in Sedona, Arizona did not quite match the red of my nails, and the golden sunrays did nothing for my little ballerina shoes, they were a different gold.

I was examining how pathetic the setting looked when a little girl, an American Indian little doll of about four, pulled on my flowing skirt with spring flowers, I wore it for the garden occasion.  I looked at her, she handed me one bulb, and a very tiny play shovel:  “plant my bulb for me, right there, that’s where they go. I have to go potty, the manure is right behind you.”  With this said, she disappeared. I was left with a mini shovel and a bulb.

I could not disappoint this little person, so I squatted down and started digging a soil that was harder than the flat rock I was standing on.  A lady who was watching me, suggested: “ you can add a little bit of water, the moisture will loosen your work area.”  I followed directions and used water from my drinking bottle and found the soil to become a little easier to handle.  After a long while I had a cavity twice the size of the bulb still in my left hand.  All along I also observed the other folks, they were taking soil which I now knew was manure, and some other soil and making a mix which they would put in the hole before planting a bulb. That was easy and I did the same than put the bulb in the hole, a little boy, bend down and said”  “not that way silly, the roots go down not up.”  I swear this round thing had no beginning and no end, certainly no roots.  This kid knew something I did not, he might have been about six years old. He also explained how I could “squish” the dirt with my hands, the bulb would get happy and grow and make big flowers. I followed his suggestion.

The little girl reappeared and said:  “my friend said you need practice, I got you five bulbs, you can use my shovel and practice.  Today is my birthday, I am going to play, and I am five years old today.”

I was left to continue to transform a patch of land not too far from a series of windows enclosing the oncology department of a hospital.  The patients receiving therapy for their cancer would soon see flowers.  When I got up, it did not matter that my skirt or my shoes were covered with a blend of manure and dirt, or that there was a strange smell about me. Now… my nails blended well with Sedona Mountains. 

I do not know when I decided to join the efforts of Gardens For Humanity to plant gardens in places of need.  Check them out, you may even find out more about my transformation and perhaps yours. 

~~~~~~~~~~~Dr. Gladys T. McGarey~~~~~~~~~~~

I was very ill, when a doctor I met greeted me with a hug. 

Dr. Gladys T. McGarey, to tell about her would take volumes; she is 87 years old and that is a long time to have been alive every moment of every day.  She was born in India, studied medicine in the USA when women were suppose to be bare feet and pregnant.  She believes people are more than a series of symptoms to be controlled, arrested, radiated and numbed with rather potent drugs even if the life of the patient is terminated in the process.   She was ridiculed when she suggested that symptoms had causes or that people with chronic ailments could manage their lives and their malfunctions by becoming mindful of the manner they chose to live and care for and about them.   She was scorned when she suggested that since we had one body to live with we had better get well acquainted with it. Her understanding of “living” is still foreign to many.

Dr. Gladys thought me many things, she suggested books to read about my condition, I even read books she wrote, and the one a daughter  (Analea McGarey) wrote about her. She suggested food to eat and food to avoid. I must say I did not agree with her on this, the list was very long and those were the foods I was not to eat.  I wanted a magic pill to make my symptoms go away.  She did not give me a pill to digest things my body did not want, she told me to stay away from them and learn to know why my body wanted to reject them.  She talked about life and called it Living Medicine.  Me, myself, my ailments, my mind and my spirit were ONE sick puppy! 

I learned later, with such self-assurance she had trouble spelling or was it conceiving the principles “Whole-istic” Medicine.  She is known today as the Mother of Holistic Medicine.  You may have heard of the term, now you know more about how this movement came about.

I found out she was teaching many medical students, doctors and nurses.  You may be lucky one day to go to a doctor who heard Dr. Gladys’s lectures.  Between these endeavors she still goes back to India where she administered medical care to children and grand children of lepers in homes established by her family.  She was a mere 85 when she last did that, as if this was not enough, she skipped and jumped to Afghanistan to teach the women in villages a thing or two.  She thought me one thing, while you are alive, be alive.  Now through her foundation she is sending a young man, grandchild of people with leprosy to Dental School. 

If you want to know more visit: there is so much to tell, to experience.  Be alive while you are alive, it is all about living medicine even if you have a thing or two not perfect with your body.

Gladys Book

“Gladys T.  McGarey M.D., M.D. (H)”  Mother of Holistic Medicine
Her new book visits the challenges of accessing the life force within each of us and using this force to enhance and use the physician within each of us to  heal our lives.