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That which might have been Alabama 1963

Eveline Now

This is not my first writing about John Henry Waddell’s sculpture installation called That Which Might Have Been. This time, I write as an individual who is continuously touched by, what might have been, what could have been, and also what is. I am writing here about a human condition.  Alabama being in the USA…

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Dr. Gladys


Dr. Gladys T. McGarey, MD. MD (H) was born in India from American Missionary parents. Now at 97 she is a retired doctor of medicine, of holistic medicine, which she introduced to her patient, and organized medicine. She is a friend, a mentor and so much more. For decades now, she has been attempting to…

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The Numbers and Thirty Three Minors

The television screen was dark, and I knew all was right for the thirty-three miners rescued from the underworld of Chile after sixty-nine days. How curious: thirty-three, sixty-nine, perhaps nothing more than a series of threes. And yet how important were numbers for us? Aside from general accounting endeavors, I did not always pay attention…

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