Let’s Go for a Short Walk

Let’s Go for a Short Walk is an intimate book presented in two voices that grew from the fires of life and love. This work presents narrative and conversations to enhance life and soul. Horelle Daily, never afraid to expose the unspoken once more takes the reader on a poignant soul-developing journey.

The Drum Made from the Skin of My Sisters

Truth inspired The Drum Made from the Skin of My Sisters. Some need their stories told but cannot raise their voices because their lives would be in danger. Based on true accounts and facts shared with her, the story of two young, Middle-Eastern girls rescued by American military forces. Leila, from Iran, narrowly escapes immolation by her husband.

The Canvas – A Secret from the Holocaust

The Canvas is a compelling creative historical fiction filled with human emotions. Using WW II’s Holocaust as a backdrop the novel brings turbulent times and events with a mixtures of kindness and devotion. Tension and insights describe how life was and also set the stage for actions taken or denied. The unpredictable ending is stunning.

Lessons from the Lakeside

A life enhancing book written to point the direction to insights as delivered by most unusual messengers. This work takes the reader on a full journey toward self-discovery. Powerful messages delivered in poetic prose are found throughout and while the reader finds humor and tears all offering a road in the direction of transformation.