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That which might have been Alabama 1963

This is not my first writing about John Henry Waddell’s sculpture installation called That Which Might Have Been. This time, I write as an individual who is continuously touched by, what might have been, what could have been, and also what is. I am writing here about a human condition.  Alabama being in the USA […]

A doctor named Gladys

Today I was with Dr. Gladys T. McGarey, MD., MD (H)… a retired doctor of medicine, a friend, a mentor and so much more. 89 years filled with wisdom, patience, knowledge she picked up from her parents who were medical missionary, India where she was born, medical schools where she learned medicine… She also learned […]

Painting The Canvas

This is not the place to talk about the art of painting on a canvas. The canvas in question was painted with my mind. With great accuracy my fingers followed what was generated by my soul. I distorted the truth and made it mine. I replaced what was with could be. My intention is to […]

The World Needs Old Ladies

When the title of this book was given to me by Dr. McGarey, I paused “Why” I asked. “Because, They are the Tree of Life” Over nine months went by, a tremendous amount of time working, typing, editing, more conversations, and more typing–– and now the book is nearly ready for publication by Inkwell Productions. […]

Of Numbers and Thirty-three Miners from Chile

The television screen was dark, and I knew all was right for the thirty-three miners rescued from the underworld of Chile after sixty-nine days.  How curious: thirty-three, sixty-nine, perhaps nothing more than a series of threes. And yet how important were numbers for us? Aside from general accounting endeavors, I did not always pay attention […]