About EveLineNow

Eveline Horelle Dailey

European teachers and tutors were my educators.  They instilled in me an unquenchable thirst to learn and imparted me with the ability to observe.

Sensing my artistic tendencies, my parents exposed me to many arts. Education in areas of science, history, literature, language art and fine arts included the writing of essays, drawing, painting and music.

French was the language I spoke until the age of 16 when my English education started.

I began to write articles many years ago as a mean to nourish an emerging voice and subsidize income.   This expressed voice found passion born of observation of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

My purpose is to write what can offer inspiration to a reader and myself.

Published and unpublished articles continue to be based on examination of self and others. 

The surfacing of new thought or vision is now giving way to the writing of books. 

The first, not yet published is a tale emerging from an opening of my own spiritual awakening and based on observations and perhaps conversations with the natural world and wild waterfowls.  These conversations point to comparisons between mankind and our cousins of the wild.  The possible title for this book is “Conversations with Moma and the Black One”.  

The book’s substance is a full circle of both serious and humorous conversations taking the reader to pathways toward spiritual lessons with possible awareness of the universe and its seemingly orderly laws.

The second book, “Canvas” also in the works, illustrates the life of one member of a family where diplomacy and war make good bedfellows.  This is a story where passion, love and deception make allowances for great discoveries within an upward spiraling story.

My voice has found its reason for being and the genre found its birth from the seeds of scrutiny of the way of nature around me. 

Welcome to my world.