Eveline Horelle Dailey aims to articulate the spirit of inspiration toward transformation.  In her books she gives reason to the heart of humanity.

Her prose offers poetic passion to her words. She writes using thoughts given to her by means of the romance vernacular of her ancestors.  She thinks both in French and English.

She presents authentic and intelligent stories from the substance of humanistic life events. Her work inspires and encourages introspective thoughts. She has been published in journals and magazines. Her books are read globally.

A public speaker and presenter at various events, she says she writes to generate and renew what has meaning to her soul. Her books are available at Amazon and other vendors. Her stories are considered to be literary creative memoirs. She exposes what is left unspoken.

Educated overseas and in the U.S.A. Eveline’s readers find French, her first language, influencing delivery and texture of her prose.

Design and art bring structure to her composition.  She writes from the center of her emotions.

When not writing, she can be found weaving, collecting art, painting or reading.