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Dr. Gladys

Dr. Gladys T. McGarey, MD. MD (H) was born in India from American Missionary parents. Now at 97 she is a retired doctor of medicine, of holistic medicine, which she introduced to her patient, and organized medicine. She is a friend, a mentor and so much more. For decades now, she has been attempting to teach me about her wisdom, patience and other knowledge she picked up along the way. She also learned early on during her career that her patients were her greatest teachers…She says, her patients and all her friends and family taught her the art of helping others in the healing process. This woman knows that medicine is an art, a living art. She has taken the time to perfect this subtle and balanced dance. Known as the Mother of Holistic Medicine, a mark of distinction no one else can claim she is no longer in active practice. These days, as an old woman, she points others including other doctors in the right direction. I remember the first time I met her. A time when I took better care of my car than I did my body. First of all, she greeted me in the hallway preceding her office door. The greeting was a hug, I must say I nearly fell, most doctors I had met before and since went out of their way never to touch me. Dr. Gladys talked to me for what seemed to have been an eternity. Now I know she was allowing me to express whom my core was. Exposing myself to her, she was getting to know me, the whole person, yes she was interested to know what was bothering my body. She had to make me realize that I was a whole being and not a few body parts. She had no interest in killing or eradicate any pieces of me. She told me about my body attempting to talk to me, and I was not being too kind to this body that carried me far and near. Over worked and under paid, my body needed payment. The form needed was rest, stress management, exercise and proper nourishment. Those are principles of living medicine that at the time I knew nothing about. My greatest sadness of that day was that I did not take notes. Did she cure me? No, she helped me cure myself. With gratitude I know I am surrounded with great masters.

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